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MUSHROOM AND CARROT PULAOI must admit that I have been a bit lazy the past few weeks and blogging was put on the backburner. Fishing from that dusty bag of good recipes in one corner of my brain, while also rummaging through image folders on my computer for corresponding pictures…. Phew a lot of hardwork!! But I am once again back with a gusto and plan to finish my backlog of recipes soon. Perhaps I should start blogging as I cook… Any advice from seasoned bloggers?? My dad loves biryani and different types of vegetarian pulao preparations. I guess it stems from a general love of rice. This is a pulao I made on his last birthday. He likes a simple home-made fare… and such vegetable pulao one pot dishes with some raita or papad are high on his favorites list. Really, you can add whatever vegetables you like. I prefer to keep it simple with a combination of few select vegetables. Here, I only had mushrooms and carrots; the carrots certainly adding a hint of brightness to the rice. It is a humble, light, satisfying meal with a touch of aromatic spices.

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