Soya and Vegetable Cutlets


When I think about vegetarian food, I feel the need to be more creative and try new things with vegetables. This is often so that my daughter also enjoys the food and does not throw tantrums about having to eat vegetables! I prepare Soya chunks from time to time… not…

Chicken Liver Meatballs


Although it comes every year, it still hits us unexpectedly and in full force. Summer! Yes it is here, scorching, humid, blindingly sunny and so long. It is just starting and already I want it to end. But it’s a long way from respite, so I will stop dreaming about…

Hummus / Chickpeas dip


Looking for a great dip to go with breads and veggies for your next dinner party? Or maybe a healthy dip to snack on at work? Or perhaps just a simple vegan spread for your sandwiches and wraps? Enter the hummus! A versatile Middle Eastern dip, made from simple, handy…

Beef Cutlets


In Kerala, cutlets are very popular appetizers, a must-have at all occasions. Somewhat like meat balls, but served without gravy, cutlets are most commonly prepared with beef or fish. These flavorful appetizers, get gobbled up very soon… and so it is advisable to make in substantial batches! Related recipes Facebook…

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