Good food

brings a smile to my face. I am one of those people who appreciate and enjoy every bite of a good meal with a child-in-candy-land expression! It is but natural for a true foodie to enjoy cooking… for what can be more joyful than digging into delicious food? Creating amazing food to see the same expression on the faces of your loved ones and knowing that you are the one who built that candy-land.

My love affair

with cooking began when as a little girl I would follow my mother around in the kitchen. I would patiently watch for hours as she chopped, minced, fried, stirred, sautéed and cooked up a storm. At the age of 10, my first brave attempt at making an omelette was foiled when it smashed on the kitchen table, earning me a good firing from my mother. It hardly discouraged me. I was hooked and there was no looking back.

I rarely smash eggs

these days…but along the way all small and big kitchen disasters have been a learning experience. What started out as a favorite weekend hobby back home in India has turned into a passion for a lifetime  My travels in Europe and Asia have widely influenced my style of cooking and so has my daughter. Over the years not only has my approach to cooking changed, but so has my palate. However, one thing remains unchanged and that is my love for food, which I hope to share here with the help of a very good friend of mine who adds the extra spice to the texts while I add them to the dishes…..

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