Indo-Chinese Chili Chicken with Gravy


Chili chicken is another one of those dishes that no one knows the origin of, but it is such a rage in India. Many innocent, naïve children grow up crazy about Chicken Lollypop, Chili Chicken and Chicken Manchurian unaware for a long time that these dishes are not exactly part…

Hummus / Chickpeas dip


Looking for a great dip to go with breads and veggies for your next dinner party? Or maybe a healthy dip to snack on at work? Or perhaps just a simple vegan spread for your sandwiches and wraps? Enter the hummus! A versatile Middle Eastern dip, made from simple, handy…

Pita Bread / Arabic Khubuz


I find nothing more enticing than the aroma of fresh bread baking at home… Although baking bread takes a bit of practice, it is totally worth it. Fresh, warm bread served with dips, sauces or soups, is a classic comfort food – simple and satisfying! Here is a recipe of…

Fish Chilli


Indo-Chinese food has come a long way… everyone has a different take on it. It is common now for Indians to use a bit of soy sauce or chili sauce in their contemporary cooking. Most Indian households will have a basket of Chinese sauces and pastes used commonly in “Chinese”…

Pasta with Chicken and Vegetables in White Sauce


My first encounter with pasta was strangely in Kuwait. I moved there after my wedding and lived there for a brief period, during which I tried a number of cuisines for the very first time in my life! Honestly I never kept a count… There was this shopping mall that…

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