Cakes and breads

Puran Poli with Amti / Flatbread with sweet stuffing and tangy sauce


Growing up in Pune, neighbouring city to Mumbai and the cultural capital of Maharashtra, it is almost impossible to not fall in love with traditional Maharashtrian cuisine. Marathi influence is very strong in Pune, as it was once the bastion of Maratha Empire and local cuisine is easily available everywhere….

Cherry Tart


Recipe adapted from  This is a recipe I’ve been planning to post for quite some time now. Coincidentally it has come up just as summer is arriving here, and the markets will soon be filled with cherries… those gleaming blood red fruits, plump and bursting with juices that stain your…

Pita Bread / Arabic Khubuz


I find nothing more enticing than the aroma of fresh bread baking at home… Although baking bread takes a bit of practice, it is totally worth it. Fresh, warm bread served with dips, sauces or soups, is a classic comfort food – simple and satisfying! Here is a recipe of…

Bidari Paratha


This is a super easy Indian bread…. A bit heavy on your waistline perhaps but extremely easy on your palate and you wouldn’t know how they disappear. I am not really sure about the origins of this Indian bread or which part of Indian cuisine it falls under. Not much…

Palappam / Rice flour pancakes


Christmas season is the season of engagements, weddings, baptisms, house-warming ceremonies and other such family festivities amongst Keralites (people from Kerala). Since it is an auspicious season and the weather is cool, the entire month is always packed with many family functions…. That means loads of shopping, travel, food and…

Eggless Chocolate Tofu Cake


You know that Tofu got on my radar a while ago, and I was in this phase when I was experimenting with it. Well, that was a good healthy phase… (sigh!) Around that time, one of our friends asked if I have ever tried baking eggless cakes, as those are…

Aloo Paratha


My brother is my first best friend. Inspite of a big age difference we share that unique bond – sometimes protective, sometimes possessive, sometimes mocking and irritating, most times a comfortable camaraderie full of memories… Yesterday I was thinking of my brother and that part of brain which is the…

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